Freelance Software Developer

Android | Web

I work with all kinds of modern Java,Android and JavaScript Applications. I help designers, small agencies and businesses bring their ideas to life.Powered by a plethora of modern technologies and some coffee ,I turn your requirements into attractive and convenient software - on time and on budget .

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Hackathon Winner

Won the APEC app challenge 2020

Our project was one of the 5 winning projects in the apec app challenge 2020. The mobile application instacheckin aimed at helping out the Tourism industry in the post covid world. Our next generation mobile app aims at making the check - in process at Hotels completely contactless and digital.

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Stanford TreeHacks 2021

Shortlisted for the prestigious Stanford Hackathon - TreeHacks'21

I was one of the few selected international students for the Annual Hackathon of Stanford University.TreeHacks is one of the world's largest and most famous Hackathons.Generally open to only US students, but due to the pandemic of 2020, the TreeHacks'21 was conducted virtually and few spots were open to be filled by students from all over the globe.Our team built a bluetooth based messaging platform which does not require any kind of internet connectivity to work on. It uses P2P(peer-to-peer) architecture to transfer messages between people.Our aim was to develop a messaging platform that can be used even without an Wifi,mobile-data or even cellular network.

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Competitive Programmer

LeetCode | HackerEarth | Codeforces

Very few things in the world grab my attention , and competitive programming is one of them . I love solving mathematical and algorithmic problems through clean, readable and understandable code . I prefer JAVA as my language but often I code in C++ and python and have solved more than 1000 problems in platforms like leetcode , codeforces , codewars and hackearth. My personal best rank in competitive coding was Rank 399/10000 in leetcode challenge.

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University annual coding competition


KIIT organises an annual coding competition each year to evaluate and honor the students with aptitude in competitive coding and general problem solving. In 2019 KIIT organised CODEVENTURE which was the flagship event of KIIT -FEST 2019. Me along with my team-mate secured Rank 1 in the competition.


Programming | Technology | Student Life

I love writing blogs on various topics which mainly include but are not restricted to technology , programming , coding ,software-hardware , Java and Android. My blogs are also published in HackerEarth monthly newsletters and other blogposts.


Cracking-Coding-Interviews discord server

If you are preparing for software engineering jobs and are looking for a server to help you in that , then I would suggest you to join my server which is aimed for this very same purpose.I built a community of developers, competitive coders , students , employees and interview experts from around the world to come together and help each other in cracking software engineering interviews.